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Hello Friends Welcome to India Forums. Friends recently NITI Aayog has given a report. A report is about healthcare and hospital. Study on the Not-for-Profit Hospital Model in India have done.

Study on the Not-for-Profit Hospital Model in India

Come friends, what did NITI Aayog study in this report on the Not-for-Profit Hospital Model in India?

India’s policies and programmes are aimed at achieving Universal Health Coverage by 2030. With a population of about 1.38 billion and counting, India has an ever-increasing need for healthcare services. Although multiple efforts across different areas spearheaded by the Government are meeting this vast need, statistics available in the public domain reveal a significant gap in the accessibility and availability of healthcare across all segments of the population. The private sector plays a significant role in bridging the gap in healthcare availability; however, it usually faces the challenge of providing affordable care to a large section of the population, while ensuring its
own sustenance and efficiency

A not-for-profit hospital does not make profits for its owners from the funds collected for patient services. The owners of these hospitals are often charitable organizations or non-profit corporations. The fees for service at these hospitals are generally lower than for-profit hospitals and the income from fees (above the cost of service) are reinvested in the hospital. These hospitals are a potential remedy to the challenges of unavailability and unaffordability of healthcare in India. The infrastructure, services, and charges of these hospitals positioned to cater to the unreached and underprivileged population of the country. In addition, these hospitals have managed to
create a perception of goodwill in the country not only through selfless healthcare services with a social cause, but also through various community engagement programs for education, vocational
training, hygiene, sanitation, women’s empowerment and employment.

  • Faith-based Hospitals
  • Community-based Hospitals
  • Cooperative Hospitals
  • Private Trust Hospitals

Challenges Faced by the Not-for Profit Hospitals

In the interviews, the top management of the selected hospitals reported various challenges that
were critical to their operations and sustenance. Using the Mini-Delphi method, we arranged the
challenges in the decreasing order of criticality and applicability to all interviewed hospitals, as

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Study on the Not-for-Profit Hospital Model in India

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