Mobile Number portability is here, in India!

Mobile number portability is launched in India and it will be available in all the telecom sectors soon. Haryana became the first telecom sector to have mobile number portability and other sectors will be followed. The pan india mobile portability availability is expected to be ready by Jan 20th 2011.

What is mobile number portability

Probably you might have been with a telecom operator for some time, but you weren’t satisfied with the service, network availability, tariff plans. You might have been attracted towards another network operator for the same reasons. You didn’t want to change to another operator because the mobile number you were using is familiar for your contacts and you didn’t want to invite trouble by changing your mobile number. Your mobile number was dear for you.

With mobile number portability, you can retain the same mobile number and still switch operator. That’s in simple terms.

Limitations of Mobile number portability

Suppose you are having your mobile connection in Karnataka, you can only port your number to another operator in Karnataka, you cannot port your number to an operator in a different state, different telecom circle.

How to port your number

Upon the availability of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in your telecom circle, all you need to do is send an sms “PORT” to 1900. You will receive Universal Product Code (UPC) as a reply. You will need to submit the MNP form with the UPC to the new operator. Operators can charge a nominal fee of 19 Rs to process the MNP request and provide you a new SIM. Your number will continue to be the same. Upon activation of your new SIM, you will be fully ported to the new operator.

MNP Policies you should be aware of

  • You can port to a new operator only after clearing any dues at the current operator. Make sure you clear your postpaid bills.
  • New connections can be ported only after 90 days at the current operator. Subsequent porting requests can be submitted only after 90 days. For Eg if you port from BSNL to Airtel now, you can port to another operator after 90 days only.
  • There should not be any leagl proceedings pending on the mobile number you are trying to port.

We will be updating you on MNP availabilities at different circles. Stay tuned!