Tata Nano is now available at 874 sales outlets, but will you buy one?

Tata Nano, world’s cheapest car is now available at Tata’s sales network comprising of 874 showrooms and there will not be much waiting period if you are looking forward to get a Tata Nano.

Tata Nano was launched a couple of years back and company opened the options to pre book the vehicles. There was a flood of applications for the limited Nanos available for Pre booking.

The car was expected to attract many customers, but things didn’t quite work for Tata NanTata-Nano-Redo as there were reported incidents of Tata Nanos catching fire. It certainly looked like there were engineering flaws on this low cost vehicle. The attitude of people towards Tata Nano changed.

Tata want to regain the the high demand of Tata Nano and have come up with a lot of ads, campaigns. Tata also decided to look deep into the root causes of fires on Tata Nano and we should assume that they are working towards it.

Tata Nanos do not have a waiting period now, and in order to increase the sales, Tata Nanos are available across 874 showrooms and without any Pre Booking. You can also get 100% finance on Tata Nano cars through Tata’s own TataMotorFinance.

Tata is also offering a comprehensive maintenance contract for Tata Nanos for a mere 99 Rs per month.

Will you buy a Tata Nano?

Cheap car cannot be a great car, you get what you pay for. Indians might have already revisited these basics after seeing the fire incidents on Tata Nano. The lesser demand for Tata Nano is a proof of this.

Will you buy a Tata Nano? What must be running in your mind while considering Tata Nano as your next car? Is it just the price?

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